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New SFX Library out now - 'Take A Seat'

At Decal Audio we are pleased to announced the release of our first commercial SFX Library 'Take A Seat'.

The Decal Audio team are all too familiar with fast turn around jobs where a full foley session is sadly just not an option. We need quality, practical sounds that can be called on in a flash and dropped in with minimal editing required.

The Take a seat library from Decal Audio is here to assist and brings you over 600 individual chair, sofa and bed sounds. The library is fully organised into actions covering, pick ups, put downs, sits, stands, scrapes and sweeteners, covering multiple chairs and multiple surfaces, providing a construction kit to allow for the tracklay of any number of different seating scenarios.

We also included some designed elements created utilising the sounds found in the library.

This will be the first of many Libraries to come from the Decal Audio team, with the scope to provide more quality SFX libraries to ease the pressures of quick turn around projects that require detailed tracklays.

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